10 Things About Miss Karli

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10 Things (You Might Not Know) About Miss Karli: 1.  Miss Karli is OBSESSED with orange cats, or ANY cat in particular!  She had an orange kitten "Cheeto" who was absolutely crazy! 2.  Addicted to any and all kinds of coffee, iced coffee, and espresso.  (Makes sense, I used to work at … [Continue reading]

Positions of the Arms and Feet


These are the five positions of the arms and feet for proper alignment in ballet.  Dancer must first stand straight up, shoulders back, head raised with elongated neck, core muscles engaged, bottom tucked under, with the weight evenly balanced.  When standing in any ballet positions, dancer must … [Continue reading]

Simple Stretches

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Here are some beginner level simple stretches to help you warm up for ballet class! Pointed Toes Stretches: Sit at a 90* angle with your … [Continue reading]

Recital Day

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Recital day can be a hectic and exciting experience, and super eventful!  These simple steps will ensure your family has a memorable … [Continue reading]

Ballet Class Dancer Expectations

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What are dancer expectations for the first ballet class and weekly thereafter? This is highly dependent upon the age level of the dancer. A. Ages … [Continue reading]

What to Wear to Ballet Class?

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Ballet class attire depends upon the child's age and studio dress code regulations.  Always check your studio's dress code policies before investing … [Continue reading]

10 Things That Drive Your Dance Teacher Crazy

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This is a list of 10 things dance teachers find most difficult about teaching classes. I created this list because as an instructor, these were the … [Continue reading]